Next generation aquaculture

Regional, sustainably and fair produced

Seawater fish - direct from Germany

InfiniteSea is the world's first urban marine fish farm - far from the sea. We are able to produce marine fish species in the middle of Germany under optimal conditions all year round.

Our unique production method is based on the closed-loop principle, in which the water is filtered, biologically treated and 99.9% reused. In this way, we massively reduce our consumption of resources, avoid burdening ecosystems and at the same time create perfect conditions for our fish. The animals themselves live in crystal-clear water and are fed only sustainability-certified and GMO-free feed - preventive antibiotic treatments or other harmful additives are taboo with us. Another advantage: the elimination of long supply chains. The customer can look forward to a local, freshly caught product. In this way, we achieve unsurpassed quality and at the same time set standards for conscious, sustainable fish enjoyment.

Advantages of our fish

Absolutly fresh

Regionally produced and thus short supply chains

Closed recirculating aquaculture systems

No microplastics, no heavy metal contamination, no environmental toxins

Pure and honest product

No artificial modifications or harmful additives

Future-proof production

Scalable, resource-saving and environmentally friendly

Health benefits

High content of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids

Controlled certified production

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

InfiniteSea stands for:

Sustainability, enjoyment and health all in one, because responsible use of resources and quality go hand in hand for us.

Our products are your contribution to the protection of wild fish stocks and the relief of marine ecosystems. At the same time, we guarantee them a 100% local, sustainable and healthy food.


Walk the path to the future with us

InfiniteSea GmbH
August-Clüsserath-Weg 2
D-66333 Völklingen
+49 (0) 6898 97256 0

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Projekt Manager im Anlagenbau (m/w/d)

Technischer Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)

Ingenieur Anlagenbau / Umwelttechnik / Wasseraufbereitung (m/w/d)